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Blessings - Small Hand, Big HandThrough ceremony we illuminate significant life passages and commemorate our journey of growth. Whether your ceremony is an intimate gathering of family and friends or a large community, I can assist you in creating an inspiring ceremony that is personal and meaningful for any passage, milestone or transition in your life. We begin with intention. What do you want to commemorate and express? Together we co-create your ceremony and include the elements, beliefs and traditions that are in alignment with you and your life story. A blessing ceremony supports a greater sense of connectedness.for yourself, your family, and your community. It provides a heartfelt opportunity to join together to celebrate, support and witness your life transitions.


I am experienced with all aspects of ceremonies---design, planning, facilitation. I am equally comfortable with officiating your ceremony or in co-creating the format and leaving the facilitation up to you. I can also assist in creating a solitary ceremony for yourself.


...How completely special and beautiful it was. The Tibetan bowls you rang and played with the bow were just majestic. And the flow and way Jen's friends participated
were all so moving. That ceremony will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for making it so.

~ xo Denise

Thank you so much for the wonderful ritual last week. I loved hearing (and knowing our baby was hearing) the pure sounds of the conch and the Tibetan bells, and the amazing vocalizing of people together in space. I really appreciate the energy and thought you put into the ritual, and loved watching you dancing and using your whole being throughout...

~ J.W.

Thank you was very deep and lovely. I am really honored to have your participation. I feel your work is very deep, grounded and ecstatic at the same time.

~ A. Tseng


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Types of ceremonies I've co-created include: