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Reverend Jacqueline Lasahn
Rev. Jacqueline Lasahn

Ordained in 1985, Rev. Jacqueline served as pastor at the Temple of Living Prayer in Sacramento, California for over ten years. Warmth and enthusiasm are hallmarks of her relaxed and graceful style. She has a beautiful voice that resonates with sincerity, compassion and humor. Jacqueline is a professional devoted to creating personal and meaningful ceremonies.


In over twenty-five years, she has conducted hundreds of ceremonies: small and large, formal and informal, traditional and non-traditional for a variety of situations, purposes and people. Jacqueline is experienced in creating spiritual, non-religious or secular ceremonies. She has collaborated with many individuals, families and communities of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Your ceremony will reflect your beliefs, Rev. Jacqueline is your heartfelt representative.

We just want to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you gave at our wedding! Many people mentioned how personal and warm it was and we're so glad we didn't have a "stranger" marry us. We feel so fortunate that Todd found you on Craig's List! We had a great time at our wedding and the good energy continued throughout the night.

All the best,
Suzanne & Todd

Thank YOU so much for being our officiant at the wedding. Your ceremony words were so soothing and we loved the feeling of bringing everyone together. Simply beautiful. We're so glad our paths have crossed and appreciate your light heartedness and gentle soul. Hopefully our paths will cross again! Take care!

xoxo, Angie and Jeffery Crane

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